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To ensure that all members are familiar with the costs of participating in the club and to ensure a stable and predictable financial situation for the club, members should read the following information:

Cost of joining:

750,-     Membership Fee
  • Paid in January

1030,-   License and Insurance
  • Paid in January

3000,-   Training Fee (Men)

  • 10 - Jan (1st Half) / 10 - Apr (2nd Half)

1400,-   Training Fee (Women)

  • 10 - Jan (1st Half) / 10 - Apr (2nd Half)
  • Upon joining, membership and training fees must be paid for the current year.  For members joining after 1-July, only half the training fee must be paid.
  • Membership rates are set annually during the club's yearly meeting and may be adjusted by the board.  Any changes in fees will be posted on the club's website.  License fees are set annually by Norges Amerikanske Idretters Forbund.
  • Unpaid fees will be sent to a collection agency.