U-13 / U-15

U-13 / U-15

 Our youth teams are available for boys and girls aged 10-15.  No prior American football experience is necessary and all protective equipment (helmets, shoulderpads, and leg pads) are provided by the club.  Discipline, fundamental skill development, and fun are the primary focus areas for our Youth teams.

Although there is no series in Norway at the U-13 level, our players will participate in "Jamborees."  These are events where U-13 players across the country will come together and form mixed teams with players from other teams.  The teams will then play full games while receiving coaching from some of the top coaches in the country.

The U-15 series begins each year in late August / early September.  In 2019, our U-15 players will have the opportunity to practice with Olavs Menn and compete in the series together with another club as part of a cooperative agreement between both organizations.   It is our goal to enter our own U-15 team into the series in 2020.

Training schedule:

Tuesday & Friday:  18:30 - 19:30 at Skjeberg Sportsplass

Skjeberg Sportsplass

Hafslund Barneskole